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A forever assortment

As a human, a parent, a friend, as a person who will grow old and see the kids have grandkids, I care. I care for the environment and for the world we leave behind us. Look at that kid in a cap and t-shirt from Like Lou, starring at us, such as asking us to take responsibility! 

Therefore I have decided to move away from seasonal clothing "drops" such as SS and AW drops. Why? Because these are made in enormous amounts that go on sale within a few months and then there is a new drop with more enormous amounts. This is not good for the world. Clothing industries stand for a huge chunk of the pollution we have today. Clothes are mass produced and we have TOO MUCH of it. 

So why is my new way the better way? Because I will produce clothes that sell forever and never go on sale, only be bought when needed and not because the price is dropped with huge discounts. This way encourage thoughtful purchases and not over consumption.

Today I drop the new, always organic, assortment that will stay for a long time. And I hope you will like it this way and join me on this journey, perhaps making a difference. 

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