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Can you pack with the environment in mind?

One thing that we struggle with is the packaging. How do you make as little impact on the environment as possible when dealing with online shopping? We are not perfect but here are some of the steps that we have taken to do better.


We wrap our clothes in paper made from recycled paper mass. Please keep recycling the paper - and you know what? You can even put the tape in the paper recycling! 


Eco Packing Lilla Design


We know how greatly appreciated a little something extra in the package is. So when applicable we like to pack a little something in there without wasting on the enviornment. Here you can see a little acorn wrapped in left over Plant-fabric. Why acorn you might ask? Cause you can put it in water and it will sprout. You will ACTUALLY be planting a tree (more on that in upcoming blog post). 


Eco order gift from lilla design


We have stoped using cards, tags and stickers in and on our clothes and packages. All communications will go via e-mail. And for decorating the package? We use left over paint from our fabric printing to print the paper. 


Recycled packaging


Last but not least. This is a family business. We create with joy and babies in mind. We hope you will enjoy our carefully thought trough packaging and please let us know if you have any other suggestions to how we can better. 


Baby helping lilla design pack

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