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Candace and Scarlett - the photography team

When we chose someone for our photoshoot we wanted a visual storyteller. But not just that. We wanted someone who loves nature like we do, cherish nature and knows how to tell the beauties of it.  

After seeing the life of Scarlett and her mama Candace, living on their farm in Georgia Summerville, it was not a hard choice. We were enchanted by their stories of a girl enjoying everyday life in nature. So we wanted in! All of the photos are shot there, whilst Scarlett playing on the grounds. Like she always does. Just being a kid, in comfy clothes and of course with a very patient mama, cause I think we all know what just being a kid can mean! ;)  

We hope you will enjoy following the stories the three of us have made, of wonderous woods, enchanting fields and everything in between. 

Make sure you visit @scarlettssecretgarden on instagram to see more of the duo's work. 

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