The generation of dreamers

Typing this post I'm finding myself in that weird state of mind I always do right before a launch, where all of the scattered pieces comes together to one whole. Seeing the photography up on the website, the products neatly in line, the launch to do list shortening by the hour, is as close to magic I will ever get. 

Aaall the hours and hours I have put into making this collection suddenly pans out to 38 little pieces of clothing staring back at me from the laptop. That. Is. Magic. 

The theme this season is as you will notice, A Dream of Peace. Because we all need it, peace within ourselves, peace with our surroundings, and of course the biggest peace of all, peace on earth. But, why would a kids collection have this theme you might wonder? Well, because I believe it is never too soon to start talking about it, in which ever level and formate is accurate for your kid. Our kids are the dreamers that will make the future, and I dream of, equipping them accordingly. MY truth to be told, finding peace within yourself could be one of the most important lessons we can teach our kids. 

As tomorrow comes and I press the button to open the website, I do so very much hope you will enjoy it and see all the love I have poured into each item. 

And let's not be strangers. I will pop back on this blog soon and hope to see you here! I could not have done anything, without the support from you. 

Love, Linda, owner of Lilla Design



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