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When you say Goodbye to say Hello!

I started the Lilla Design journey making children´s interior but it never really clicked for me. More and more I started to enjoy children´s clothing and I was very annoyed with the less than great organic selection at the market.

So a little over a year ago I made the transition from an interior brand to an organic children´s clothing brand. After doing so, I never really felt that the name Lilla Design was right. It was so very associated with the old business.

All this time I have been thinking what the new name should be, and let me tell you it was HARD. But I needed to say goodbye to Lilla Design to fully say hello to something new. 

When I finally landed with Like Lou it felt like an hallelujah moment! And you know why? The name origin from my daughters name. My daughter was born 2 kilos and had a little tougher start in life, but she was such a fighter and together we built this brand to what it is today. We were fighting together, while she gained weight and got better my brand fought and grew as well. And she was with me every step of the way in the crib, rocker or sling. Always filling my life with love and little smiles. So somehow, the brand and her got very intertwined, and the brand is just like her. Strong, loving, fighting and thriving. Just Like Lou. 

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