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Olive Branch Sweatshirt, Baby
Olive Branch Sweatshirt, Baby

Olive Branch Sweatshirt, Baby

Lilla Design

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Our oldie but goldie sweatshirt is BACK with a new color and a new print! Made with 100% organic cotton and printed with environmental friendly color and are handmade with love and care. 

PLEASE NOTE that the print on this sweatshirt will fade in the wash and get a "washed out" look. 

To avoid waste we only produce items upon order. This may mean you have to wait up to 14 days for the making of your order. But it will be worth it, promise!


  • Size of print will vary depending of size of garment
  • Fabric: 100% organic cotton
  • Water soluble environmentally friendly color for the prints
  • Hand sewn and printed. Designed and made in Sweden 
  • Wash labels in organic cotton
  • No plastic wrapping or unnecessary labels, papers etc in the shipments


  • Wash inside out on low spin for longer lifetime
  • Wash separately or with alike colors the first times because of possible bleed.
  • Do not use dryer as the fabrics are not made for it.