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AW20 A Dream of Peace

is a handmade retro vibed collection with soft and organic materials. 

With this theme we encourage you to speak with your kids about peace in small and big ways. 

Let's be dreamers together.




Customer words

Lilla Design creates magical clothes, over and over again. I really like that they are soft to play in and have a loose fit. They also keep very nice after multiple washes. The prints are lovely and I love the fact that the are made by hand. All in all we are so happy with our purchase and can really recommend the clothes to others.


Beautiful design with playful but yet stylish prints that both kids and mom love, color choices that every season makes my heart beat a little bit faster, and a sustainability focus that is a must for future consumption. Here is the next big thing in kids fashion, remember where you heard it first! 


Milio says the pants are super comfy to play in and he often chooses them before others at home, which is the best rate. Mama thinks they are gorgeous, durable and no washwear despite being washed a lot.


Love the quality of the clothes and unique pieces. It’s difficult to improve on perfection. I am so happy with my purchase and the lovely communication. Will definitely be returning and will highly recommend others.


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